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She was sitting on his bed pretending to watch whatever was on TV. He was unpacking from his weekend on base. She was trying to ignore the constant internal battle between her head and her heart. For some reason it was a little easier today. But, was he a bad idea?

She caught him looking at her out of the corner of her eye. He was still in uniform and her heart skipped a beat. She smiled and batted her eyes. His strong hands grasped both her legs and pulled her to the end of the bed. She lost track of any internal mumblings. He gently put his hand behind her head and lifted it up softly. Meeting her half way he kissed her. The perfect kiss. They separated for a moment. To catch their breath, she reached her arms around him to press their bodies together. He leaned back in and then…Fireworks.

Was this passion? Was this lust? Her heart put her brain on an indefinite pause as it was trying to keep beat with his. He stood up. She caught her breath. Again. Time was standing still and rushing past all at the same moment. Even though their bodies were no longer touching their eyes were locked. She couldn’t move as she watched him slowly undress from his military uniform and climb into bed with her.

She lost control with his every touch. His hot breath. His strong body pressed up against her. Nothing was in focus but him. It could have been one minute or one hundred. Lost in the moment. Lost in him. She was contently calm falling asleep in his arms. That night she stayed with him and her head stopped trying to argue with her heart.