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She is silently lying in bed, complete stillness, staring at the clock begging it to move faster, clinging to her cellphone as if it is her only lifeline. Although it has fallen more silent lately then she has. She rolls over, his side of the bed still empty. Minutes turn into hours, which turn into days, which turn into weeks, which turn into longer then she wants to count.

The chime of her phone snaps her out of it. Her heart-racing, craving any word from him. Half a world away. News that he was okay, or better yet, coming home. The words ‘I miss you’ crawled across the screen. She quickly types her reply and hits send. Anxiously awaiting his next message. The seconds move at a snail’s pace in anticipation. He says ‘good night’ and signs his message with xoxox.

Tears always fill her eyes when the last message comes through. They were automatic at this point. Half a world away and every ounce of her was craving to be with him. She took a deep breath and laid back down, clenching her lifeline to him. She knew she signed on for half a world away.