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She jumped. Into. On to. Over. In with. Whatever it was, she jumped. Most of the time blindfolded haphazardly. She held her breath, stilled her mind, ignored all warnings and jumped. If you don’t jump then how do you know? Her bravery and willingness were often seen as inexperience and immaturity. She didn’t care, she still jumped. Most of the time she jumped, she ended up in a thorn bush or snake pit. Her wounds healed and lessons learned. She still jumped because eventually it would pay off and she would land in her dreams. After an almost paralyzing jump she took the blindfold off and un-silenced her mind. Still vowing to follow her heart. Realizing that her jumps were sending her bouncing around nowhere. She had purpose now, confident in the direction. A short time later she was standing on top of the world, or so it felt, six stories up, she jumped…landing on her feet…they gasped. She smiled. Cameras flashed. She made it, because she jumped.


*Photography courtesy of Kate Bentley Photography || http://www.katebentleyphoto.com/