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The best advice she was ever given came from the two people in her life that had always been her constants. The two women in her life she loved and respected. The one, her aunt, had accomplished so many things and had done so much good; she was in constant awe of her. While the other was her best friend, partner in crime, her peer. Neither judged nor mocked her. Always treated her with love and compassion. She knew she could count on them for the truth, no matter how much she didn’t want to hear it.

But advice. They had it. Her aunt told her that she was never too old to be the person she always wanted to be. She was never too old to change and create a different path. It wasn’t too late. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s never too late to correct them. Move on. Her best friend told her to never try and change her personality. What she saw as a flaw is what makes her who she is. Some people may see it as a flaw, while others see it as an attribute. Good or bad it was all part of who she was, and she should never try and change who she is because someone made her feel bad about it.

I don’t think they will ever know how much those words meant to her, how much they changed her. They were just words, and weren’t intent to hold the power that they did. But they did. For that she will be forever grateful.

After that, everything was different. She had purpose and confidence. She embraced this new path she was ready to forge. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, and she would get side tracked along the way. But as long as she held on to the words of wisdom that were imparted upon her she could always find her way back.