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Life is a long journey. You walk down this road, you walk and you walk. Along the way you pick up a lot of baggage, an experience or two, things people call lessons learned. You stop from time to time to climb a tree, skin your knee, swim in a pond, skip through tall grass. You meet new and interesting people along the way. You listen to stories and advice.  A few may even pick up the pace and join you on your journey.  From time to time they fall away to meet up with other. At some point you come to a fork in the road. Do you go left? Or do you go right? Turning around isn’t an option neither is going straight forward. {For those of you who like to blaze their own trails, kudos, but this is not an option either} Each path has certain rewards, but they also come with sacrifice. Is going left to risky? Would going left be considered frivolous and irresponsible? Will you lose everything you have gained on your long journey, or will you get everything you’ve dreamed of? Is going right settling? Is it the safe choice, the back-up plan, in your comfort zone? Or is it what you really want? Which way will make you happy? Will you regret your choice? If you go left and get part way down the path can you turn around and go right instead? Or is all that we left behind gone? They say shoot for the moon, if you miss you will still land upon the stars. But what do you do when your only option is a fork in the road and not in your mouth?